South Africa’s Challenge

Effective tutoring is only available to a lucky few, even though it is needed by so many.

How is Preeva tackling this?

Guaranteed Quality

We have developed a unique personal networking, vetting and training system for Preeva tutors. You are matched with a tutor who matches your learning style. - learn more.


Tutoring is now affordable to those who couldn’t afford it previously. Students can choose to share lessons with a friend or two and decrease the price of tutoring by up to 45% - learn more.


We are working to host affordable workshops for every major test and exam in every major school and university around the country - learn more.

Tutoring for all

Tuition can be the difference between students reaching their goals and not. Our mission is to ensure that every South African student, who can benefit from extra help, has access to high quality tutoring.  We have developed a low-cost model as a gateway for free tutoring. The Preeva Foundation is one of the foundations using this gateway - check it out.


We are working closely with your schools and universities to ensure our tutoring is in line with what is relevant.

We dream of a South Africa with better education for all

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