South Africa’s best quality and most trusted tutors

How do we ensure this?


Hand-picked tutors

From thousands of applications, we bring on new tutors who love teaching, are good at it and are great to be around.

Academic ability

Preeva tutors not only love to tutor the subjects they do, they are all top students with high academic proficiency.


We work with, and are endorsed by your schools and universities to ensure our tutors are up to date with the latest and the greatest.

Tutor training

When a tutor is accepted into the Preeva family, we mentor them and provide them with training material on the basics of Preeva quality tutoring.

Tracked progress

At the end of each lesson, tutors record their student’s ability & understanding of the work, engagement in the lesson and work independence.These records are available for you to see.



Personal vetting

Each and every Preeva tutor has to be personally vetted by one or more staff members who are held accountable for that vetting.

Background check

We conduct the normal background checks to ensure all our tutors are exactly who they say they are and that there are no red flags.

Personal matching

We ask you a few questions in order to match you perfectly with a tutor who will teach you the way your unique mind was built to learn.

District Heads

Preeva hires young students at schools and universities all over SA whose sole purpose it is to help us vet for tutors they know or trust personally.


At the end of the day, your opinion counts most, and we always act on any feedback we receive from you.

Want to be part of the family?

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