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ADHD Assistant


Just getting through a day at school and university can be a challenge for some. Having attention issues or struggling to sit down after class can make the experience of learning unpleasant. You may benefit from an extra hand to provide patient homework assistance.

Imagine a tutor who is patient, understands your attention struggles and who will make learning more enjoyable. Get your Preeva ADHD Assistant today and overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

Benefits of an ADHD tutor:

  • Supplements your classroom and lecture hall learning.
  • Improves your academic performance at school and university.
  • Helps you to better understand questions you are asked in tests and exams.
  • Offers an individual learning experience built around your unique learning style.
  • Have lessons when, where and as often as it suits.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Guides you towards becoming an independent learner.
  • Improves focus and productivity.
  • Makes learning more enjoyable.
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